Adorn landscapes with Amara products, designed to make a visual impact and optimize profitability.

When it comes to long-lasting landscaping, nothing stands up to the challenge quite like aggregates. Naturally durable aggregates provide optimal drainage for plants and have gained broad consumer acceptance. Made from limestone, gravel and even crushed recycled concrete, aggregates are an excellent alternative to traditional wood fiber mulch.


Bright Colorants

Amara produces industry-best colorants, formulated by high-quality pigments and strong bonding agents, with the end result in mind. The result is maximum adhesion and vibrancy, season after season. No matter where the final product ends up, Amara will have the landscape looking premium.

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Natural Colorants

Innovative colorants applied to a variety of materials like limestone, gravel or even crushed recycled concrete can bring allure to any outdoor space. Through Amara's blend of fine, dense pigments with durable bonding agents in water-based formulas, you can sharpen the look of natural landscapes.

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