Versatile Mulch Coloring Systems Built to Do it All.

We may be primarily known for mulch colorants and additives, but our expertise extends to our innovative mulch coloring equipment, pump injection systems and volume measuring technology as well. Installation, training, maintenance and safety consulting is included with all machinery purchases, and led by our highly-experienced and responsive in-the-field representatives.


The Amerimulch ColorTrom series is the perfect solution for producers who want a simple, durable and space-effective coloring system. The high-volume, no-wear system is built to consistently color thousands of yards of mulch every day for years, without the hassle of parts wearing away, shafts jamming or paddles that need to be replaced. Transform your product with the revolutionary standalone machine that allows you to Conquer the Yard!

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Spitfire Pump Injection Systems are designed to transform any fiber sizing equipment into a mulch coloring production system. All systems utilize a peristaltic pump to allow for precision water rate control and highly accurate colorant application. Spitfire systems arrive pre-tested and calibrated for easy start-up and, like all Amerimulch equipment, include our guarantee of total customer satisfaction.

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Marksman Technology

The Marksman allows you to streamline your mulch production and drive out inconsistency in the finished product. Simply program a production rate in yards per hour, a water application rate in gallons per yard and a colorant application rate in pounds per yard—the system monitors production, measures any variances and automatically adjusts water and colorant flow rates to ensure every yard of mulch is perfectly colored.

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