Think about how color gets added to things. From the red mulch in your front yard to the jet-black ink in a printer cartridge, ChromaScape helps manufacturers add color to their products.

Product & Service Brands


The innovation of colored mulch began with – and continues to evolve – with us.

Mulch Colorant & Equipment


Beautify commercial, residential and municipal projects with ChromaPave asphalt sealer and colored pavement.

Asphalt Sealer Products


Vibrant colorants that brighten any aggregate application.

Aggregate Colorants


Quality pigments that meet lab and customer standards with performance and safety.

Rubber Colorants

Solution Dispersions

High-performance, customizable aqueous carbon black dispersions for almost any application.

Carbon Black Dispersions

Who We Are

ChromaScape is formed by four distinct brands within niche industries that each share the same core competency: applying color. From vibrant hues and earthy tones down to the jetness of carbon black, ChromaScape aims to help the world’s manufacturers innovate with high-quality pigments, colorants and additives.

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