As former mulch producers, we understand the business of landscape supply.

Did you know the Amerimulch® brand was born from a mulch production company? In other words, we’ve been in your shoes. We know firsthand that your profitability relies on consistent material quality and dependable just-in-time delivery. We are mulch colorant and coloring equipment suppliers committed to a true partnership with all mulch producers and landscape contractors. Our goal is to help you gain efficiencies and improve profit margins during the mulch manufacturing process.


Mulch Colorants & Additives

Our scientifically designed formulations don’t just color mulch; they are engineered for batch-to-batch pigment consistency in order to transform your wood fiber with vibrant and enduring color. Our Heartland® Enriched Colorants will perform for you season after season, year after year. We have specially formulated our colorants to optimize viscosity, which means less settling, ensuring more volume and better coating. From Ultra, Premium to True, our versatile colorant and additive lines have a product to meet your needs no matter what your fiber or production range. With our multiple manufacturing locations across the country your colorant will arrive fresher and faster whenever you need it.

Mulch Coloring Equipment

Processing quality color enhanced mulch just got easier. We are leaders in the industry in product developments and support for mulch coloring equipment. Amerimulch® coloring equipment streamlines the process for you with machines that can color mulch at 100 or 300 yards per hour resulting in consistency in shade and coverage, optimal performance and higher productivity rates. Versatile systems built to do it all and withstand it all from shade to shade and tote to tote, our product will deliver the same color quality every time. Equipment is made with tough steel and peristaltic pumps. Choose from both new and used coloring systems, colorizers, pump injection systems, and volume measuring systems – all designed to improve production and coloring efficiencies.