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Liquid dyes

Our full range of liquid direct and basic dyes are used in virtually every area of paper manufacturing due to their physical form, ease of handing, elimination of dusting and suitability for systems with on-line color control.
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Powder dyes

Liquid dyes may be preferable where automated color control is used to produce pastel to moderate shades. But our powder dyes remain the product of choice where large volumes are used to produce very deep shades for fine paper and tissue. Because powder dyes are up to five times more concentrated than liquid dyes, smaller quantities are required.
Please click here for an ELCO Acid Powder Dyes Shade Sheet.
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Aqueous pigment dispersions 

We offer a full line of pigment dispersions formulated with a range of dispersants. Dispersant choice is critical for the intended end use application. We offer organic, inorganic, synthetic and basic dyes. Our pigment lines are intended for laminate base papers, parchment papers, museum boards, high-quality printing papers, tinting whites and various non-woven applications.
Please click here for an ELCO Pigment Dispersions Shade Sheet.

Dye fixing agents

Our cationic fixatives provide retention, bleed-fastness and effluent coloration improvement for anionic dyes and pigments. These products are available for tissue, toweling and fine paper grades.

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Full-service capabilities

Colorant selection process and application

No matter what the requirement, we are pleased to evaluate your specific color application. Our technical staff will guide you through color selection process which includes shade matching and physical testing criteria. We can assist in any process application from batch or continuous coloring to automated size press color correction. Whether you are tinting whites or deep dyeing tissue, we have the experience and expertise to service and supply any colorant approach for paper.