Designed to Outperform the Harshest Weather Conditions

We’ve designed our colorants to stand up to whatever Mother Nature can dish out, from scorching summer sun to freezing winter rain. In addition to the highest quality pigments, we include technologically advanced additives and stabilizers, then manufacture our pigments with state-of-the-art blending systems. The Amerimulch process for commercial mulch dye production delivers the highest quality mulch colorants in the business.

Ultra Mulch Colorant

For mulch producers working with green wood or other difficult fibers that resist conventional colorants, our Ultra line is the ideal solution. Not only does it overcome resistant fibers, the unique bonding and penetration properties are formulated to mask the browning effect inherent in green wood and off-quality pallet fiber. The result is beautiful, consistent results every time.

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Premium Mulch Colorant

For versatile and dependable results at an attractive price point, the Premium line is a great choice for commercial mulch producers. High-quality pigments are combined with an advanced additive package to guarantee vibrant and long-lasting results across a variety of wood fiber types and textures.

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Standard Mulch Colorant

Our Standard line will satisfy your production needs with consistent coating and coverage, while keeping your cost requirements in mind.

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