Amerimulch’s Spitfire Pump Systems are custom installed for efficient colored mulch production, so you can eliminate unnecessary and costly handling steps. That’s time, labor, fuel, repair and maintenance—immediately cut, improving profitability. The impact of our calibration expertise perfected over hundreds of installs nationwide? Producers who use the Spitfire save at least $1 per yard in production cost. Elevate your process, product and bottom line with Spitfire pump systems.


  Spitfire S Spitfire M Spitfire L
Production Range1 Spitfire S Up to 100 yds./hr. Spitfire M Up to 300 yds./hr. Spitfire L Up to 500 yds./hr.
Water Requirements2 Spitfire S 8-20 gal./yd. Spitfire M 8-20 gal./yd.  Spitfire L 8-20 gal./yd.
Power Supply Spitfire S 110-volt single phase Spitfire M 110-volt single phase Spitfire L 110-volt single phase
Remote Spitfire S Optional Spitfire M Optional Spitfire L Optional
Water & Colorant Manifold Spitfire S 2” water supply Spitfire M 2” water supply Spitfire L 2” water supply

1. All numbers provided in the above table are noted in maximum capacity. Production capacity is dependent on raw material bulk density and the percentage of fines. Small fiber is considered very fine material and directly affects production rates.
2. Water rates are directly dependent on particle size and fiber moisture content.