The Marksman system was developed to accurately read production rates of the ColorTrom series and automatically adjust mulch colorant and water to your desired preset parameters. Who knew that a simple innovation could lead to game-changing production levels?

From the control screen, operators select a production rate in yards per hour, a water application rate in gallons per yard and a color application rate in pounds per cubic yard. The Marksman system measures and adjusts all production variances eliminating errors in color and water application. Marksman technology stores historical files in batch form with totals and can be easily exported your records.

The software allows operators to monitor and adjust water and colorant levels quickly and easily while coloring wood mulch fiber. Marksman technology consistently measures and calculates both targeted rates as you run every tote. The continuous data storage will give you an accurate finished product – all of which equates to huge cost savings in your operation.

Compared to other coloring systems, ColorTrom coupled with Marksman technology, can greatly reduce operating costs and limit downtime due to maintenance. Amerimulch has led the colored mulch industry in introducing every major advancement in coloring equipment and colorant formulations for many years and will continue to assist in making your operation more profitable and efficient for years to come.


  • Measures production rates in real time utilizing ultrasonic sensors
  • Calculates colorant application via magnetic inductive flow technology and adjusts to meet desired rates using a variable speed peristaltic pump
  • Calculates water application rates via magnetic inductive flow technology and adjusts accordingly using variable speed centrifugal water pump
  • Stores historical data for key production parameters per batch and totals with production reports sent daily
  • 17” color touch screen in conjunction with an industrial PLC