Consistent quality and unmatched service at a competitive price.

In a mature industry with a high volume of carbon black suppliers, customers choose ChromaScape time and again because of our unparalleled commitment to quality. From ensuring our materials are packaged neatly for use or the guarantee of batch-to-batch consistency, our dedication to service is our differentiator in the printing inks market.



Carbon black dispersions are used primarily to impart a black color into or on another material. Referred to as “jetness,” this characteristic describes how black the carbon black dispersion is. Solution Dispersions™ from ChromaScape are available in a wide range of jetness depending on your specific application and use case.  

Tinting Strength

An important benefit of carbon black for printing ink and graphic art applications is its ability to modify the visual appearance of other colors. The tinting strength is a measure of the effectiveness of the carbon black. Ink manufacturers who choose ChromaScape have access to a variety of carbon black products with varying tinting strengths to match your unique ink manufacturing need.


Viscosity, or the thickness or thinness of a substance, is always a consideration in ink manufacturing. An ink’s viscosity can have a huge impact on its performance, and the material’s viscosity often changes during the printing process as it reacts to stress and force. Solution Dispersions™ carbon black experts will help ink manufacturers understand the nuances of the production process and collaborate to supply the right product for optimal results.