A focus on performance and durability for the paint and coatings industry. 

When carbon black is used to impart jetness into a paint or coating, it provides superior wetting and dispersion properties when compared to black or colorant alternatives. This allows manufacturers to maintain total control over the desirable hue and jetness level; whether the need is for the blackest black or simply a consistent and even coating, regardless of application, ChromaScape carbon black dispersions products fit the bill. Carbon black also inherently provides excellent UV performance and weathering resistance, making it a top choice for manufacturers across a variety of industries.  


Tinting Strength

Like its use in the building and construction market, carbon black’s tinting ability is used to modify the visual appearance of other colors. The tinting strength is a measure of the effectiveness of the carbon black. Paint and coatings manufacturers who partner with ChromaScape have access to a variety of carbon black products with varying tinting strengths to match the unique carbon black paint or carbon black coating need.  


Many paint and coatings manufacturers rely on carbon black to impart jetness because of its wettability. Aqueous carbon black dispersions are much cleaner and easier to apply than dry carbon black because of their ability to be mixed with water, or other wetting agent, to adhere and evenly coat another.

Strength and Performance

ChromaScape Solution Dispersions® carbon black dispersions offer color strength and high color stability at low additive consumption. The dispersibility of the products makes them easier to apply and use in end-use paints and coatings, and they require a low volume of a dispersing agent – reducing cost and waste for the manufacturer. All of this is achieved without sacrificing the quality of the final output.