Carbon black dispersions for building and construction materials.

For the blackest blacks without sacrificing quality, ChromaScape’s line of Aquablak brings polish and consistency to construction applications. The dark black color of the concrete or cementitious material helps hide unsightly stains in commercial or industrial facilities, like gas or oil, that eventually weathers in an aesthetically pleasing way – or can be maintained and extended with color hardeners.


Colorant Strength

Carbon black dispersions are used primarily to impart a black color into or on another material. In many construction and building applications, materials like cement, concrete or mortar are naturally gray. If a dark black color is desired, carbon black is the preferred method of adding black to the material. Other colorants, like iron oxides, cannot match the colorant strength of carbon black.


Many manufacturers in the building materials industry turn to carbon black due to its wettability. Aqueous carbon black dispersions are much cleaner and easier to apply than dry carbon black because of their ability to be mixed with water, or other wetting agent, to adhere and evenly coat another surface with ease.  

Tinting Strength

An important benefit of carbon black for construction and building material applications is its ability to modify the visual appearance of other colors. The tinting strength is a measure of the effectiveness of the carbon black. Building and construction supply manufacturers who partner with ChromaScape have access to a variety of carbon black products with varying tinting strengths to match your unique ink manufacturing need.