Colorful, Safe and Long-Lasting Rubber Landscaping

Long-lasting durability in high-traffic, high-wear conditions where performance and safety are of utmost importance: athletic tracks, playgrounds, pool decks, water parks, walkways and more. 



In landscaping applications where wood fiber mulch or decorative concrete are not the preferred surface of choice, landscapers may turn to ground rubber. The versatility of our rubber colorant process ensures rubber pieces of all sizes – granules, nuggets, mulch and more – are coated consistently for rich colors and optimal performance. 


ChromaScape’s Ricochet crumb rubber pigments receive an industry-best rating of 5.0 (on a scale of 0 – 5) for color-fastness, meaning it is highly resistant to change in any of its color characteristics. Color will not transfer to adjacent materials or surfaces. 


Time tested and lab approved, Ricochet colorants, processed with Color-Safe Technology, can be trusted by parents, pet-owners and gardeners abound. With a uniquely-formulated bonding agent, Ricochet colorants coat crumb rubber and essentially become part of it. Independent laboratory studies have concluded that our colorants meet the safety criteria of multiple national safety specifications.