ChromaScape mulch colorant outlasts the harshest weather conditions.  

Our goal is to ensure the mulch you produce stands up to the summer sun, the bitter days of winter and the many other moods of Mother Nature. Using the absolute highest quality pigments, we add an advanced chemical package and process with a state-of-the- art batching system. The ChromaScape methodology for commercial mulch dye results in the highest quality mulch colorant in the business.


Color Intensity

When our customers seek a mulch colorant supplier, they typically look for ease of application, cost efficiencies, delivery reliability and performance. But let’s not lose sight of the reason for colorant in the first place: beautifying mulch. ChromaScape offers a wide variety of mulch colorant hues, from subdued and natural to bright and bold, to meet the needs of every customer’s unique design style – without sacrificing the needs of mulch producers.

Freeze-Thaw Stability

ChromaScape’s mulch colorant is water-based (not oil- or solvent-based), which means that it will freeze at temperatures below 32◦ F. All our mulch colorants are categorized as being freeze-thaw stable, meaning our colorants will freeze and go back to a usable state after thawing and remixing. Our liquid colorant formulation includes special humectants, color enhancers and adhesion promoters to enhance freeze-thaw stability and improve colorant performance. You’re assured the longest shelf life in the industry.

Mold Resistance

Mold growth, both in piles of colored mulch and in bagged mulch, has posed a substantial problem for many mulch producers throughout the United States. This mold growth is often observed where it is perpetually warm and moist – within the mulch piles, most often near the base, and appearing in bagged mulch after packaging, as moisture is retained in the bag. To solve this costly, widespread issue, ChromaScape mulch colorants contain fungicides that reduce the occurrence and growth rate of mold.

Even Coating

Our colorants are specially engineered to optimize viscosity, which ensures more volume and better coverage. Improved viscosity also creates superior pigment suspension, which minimizes the “sludge” effect from settling in containers. Not only do ChromaScape mulch colorants give you more yield, nothing else mixes as easily or as fast.