Sealcoating & Hot Mix Colorants

Add naturally occurring, earthy colors to sealcoat or hot mix asphalt application. Popular in commercial and municipal applications like tennis and basketball courts, ChromaPave colorants can be used in any application where pavement color matters. For example: highway lane designation (carpool and HOV), safety purposes (crosswalks, no-stopping areas and fire lanes), bus lane or loading zones, school zone designations, handicap parking designations, pedestrian walkways or bicycle paths and car parks.

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Carbon Black & Colored Pavement Dispersions

ChromaPave produces a variety of carbon black dispersions for asphalt paving applications. Water-based carbon black dispersions are used for both large and small asphalt resealing projects, and these products are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based products. ChromaScape makes the job easy for you with clean packaging and ready-to-use materials that mix right into your asphalt, won’t clog your tanks or spray systems, and are far superior to coal tar sealant with regards to durability and longevity. ChromaScape will work with you to provide a specific mixing formula recommendation based on your application process and location.

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