Conductive and resistant applications

For specialty applications that require conductive or resistant (non-conductive) inks, ChromaScape can provide the performance and efficiency you need. We can formulate our aqueous dispersions for applications such as microwavable inks, printed electronic circuits and food packaging because resistant inks won’t set off metal detectors when scanning products before shipping.

Our strict processing parameters ensure your products are consistently conductive or resistive and help you achieve desired performance with as little dispersion as possible. Using less dispersion allows you to add more ingredients to your formula to achieve other requirements, such as flame retardants.

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The ChromaScape Difference

ChromaScape leads the industry in supplying the highest quality specialty chemical colorants and additives to the printing inks industry. Our network for global sourcing allows us to address marketplace challenges and deliver products in a timely manner while helping you find new ways to optimize printing results. ChromaScape is dedicated to supplying our printing inks customers with the highest quality products at cost-effective pricing.