Aquablak is the choice for ink makers looking for consistent performance and unbeatable quality. Our flagship carbon black dispersions are known throughout the industry for their superior strength, stability and consistent formulation.

Aquablak dispersions can work with a wide range of substrates and applications, “Substrates and Applications“ including corrugated, Kraft, newsprint and more. Our engineers and chemical science experts will work with your team to ensure formulation meets your exact needs for performance and production. We can also use our state-of-the-art testing capabilities to match any formulation you currently use and find ways to enhance the quality of your products.

Aquablak Plus

For applications that require fine graphics or higher strength pigment, Aqaublak Plus is your answer. This line of premium aqueous carbon black dispersions is ideal for tag and label, flexible packaging, food packaging or high gloss applications like gift wrap. We use our expertise in particle size reduction to ensure industrial grade particle sizes in every batch. We can also create a custom carbon black dispersion for specialty applications and will work with your team to formulate the perfect solution for your needs.