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Aquablak - Carbon black dispersions

Our line of carbon black dispersions allows manufacturers to administer the optimal jet-black color into their unique application without the messiness associated with the powder form of carbon black. The water-based formula is easier and safer to package, transport, store and use. Read More
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Aquablak Plus - Carbon Black Dispersions for graphic arts

Whatever your printing ink needs may be, we have the right carbon black dispersions available. Choose from our standard line of dispersions for newspaper inks, corrugated cardboard or high-quality gloss printing. We can also create a custom carbon black dispersion formula for special ink applications.

The Aquablak Plus 9100 series features high-solids, resin-containing dispersions designed to allow the ink manufacturer maximum formulating capabilities by providing the highest tinctorial strength. These high-end dispersions are suitable for flexible packaging and tag/label ink systems. Read More
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Aquacolors – Colored Dispersions

Chromascape aqueous classical and high-performance pigment dispersions have good gloss, broad compatibility and can be used in most water-based ink systems. Aquacolors are ideal for both paper and film packaging applications, while offering excellent economic value and a wide color selection. Read More

Conductive and resistive applications

Whether you are interested in dissipating an electrostatic charge or preventing one, our conductive or resistive water-based pigment dispersions will meet your needs. These dispersions are used in low voltage applications for dashboards, non-conventional electrical printing on film, microwave absorption and anti-static applications.

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Substrates & Applications

ChromaScape’s line of Aquablak and Aquacolors aqueous dispersions are perfect for a range of substrates and applications. Read More

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ChromaScape is a full-service supplier with the knowledge, experience and capabilities to elevate your products. Our advanced technical capabilities allow us to develop innovative products that meet unique needs. We ensure on-time delivery with multiple manufacturing facilities and process redundancies that keep product quality consistent in every batch. If you need consistent quality and performance for your printing inks, ChromaScape has the color solution to move your business forward.

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