Ultra includes special humectants, color enhancers and adhesion promoters to aid free/thaw stability and extend shelf life.

Plus additive available.

Technical Specifications

  • Super-fine particles (between 0.1 and 1.0 micron) with extremely high density
  • Readily mix with water for even coating and superior color intensity
  • Premium surfactants and dispersants increase color strength and durability
  • Inorganic pigments rated industry-best 8.0 for light-fastness (on a scale of 0-8) and highest ranking of 5.0 for weather-fastness (on a 0-5 scale)
  • Spectrophotometrically-monitored to ensure chromaticity and consistency
Please click here for an Amerimulch Colorants Sell Sheet.
* Mulch swatch colors shown are intended only as a representation of the final product. Due to variables outside of our control—including type of wood fiber used in production and monitor color settings—there may be slight variations from what is shown.