Paints and coatings

For performance and durability, ChromaScape is the top choice for the paint and coatings industry. The dispersibility of our aqueous dispersion products makes them easy to apply and use in end-use paints and coatings. They require a low volume of dispersing agents — helping manufacturers reduce costs and minimize waste. All of this without sacrificing the quality of the final output. Our products range from a general purpose anionic black, to medium color with strong tint, to high-color automotive quality. Plus, our unique carbon black solutions also provide excellent UV performance and weathering resistance, making them a top choice for manufacturers across a variety of industries.

Building materials

ChromaScape offers a wide range of pigment dispersions and additives for the building and construction industry. The wettability of our aqueous dispersions makes color easy to apply while achieving an even coat on any surface. Common pigment applications in the building and construction market include concrete, plaster, stucco, grouts, mortars, tile and other flooring materials. Building and construction supply manufacturers who partner with ChromaScape have access to a variety of carbon black products with varying tinting strengths to match your unique needs. With our innovative products, ChromaScape is proud to be a top-rated supplier of colorants and carbon black dispersions for the building and construction market.

Other custom solutions

If you can dream it, ChromaScape can make it. With our versatility and chemical engineering expertise, we can create custom color solutions for practically any industry, including textiles, automotive, consumer goods and many more. Our team is ready to step in at any point in the manufacturing or product development process and help select or create a custom color solution that meets the needs of your unique application. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination.

Want to enhance your specialty projects with outstanding color? Request a sample of our premium color solutions today.