Benefits of Colored Asphalt Sealcoating

Versatile, Natural Colors

The liquid and dry colorant options added to asphalt sealcoats and hotmix applications are high-contrast, vivid and offer naturally occurring hues that range from rich reds to mossy greens and everything in between. Colorants can be customized, mixed and matched or made to order — with vibrant blacks always available.

Environmentally Friendly

Adding color to asphalt is eco-friendly because no harmful chemicals are used in the process. ChromaScape’s colorants and carbon black dispersions meet all federal and state EPA guidelines. Compared to alternatives, asphalt itself requires less energy to produce. Repairs are relatively easy and economical, keeping roads open and reducing emissions caused by traffic congestion. The topcoat material that wears down can be reclaimed and recycled time and again, making it truly sustainable.

Focused on Safety

Adding color to asphalt is often done for decorative purposes, but perhaps its most critical applications are safety related. Colored asphalt is used by municipal crews to denote school zones, bus loading zones, handicapped-accessible parking spots in parking lots and shopping centers, no stopping areas, fire lanes, bike paths — all applications that require high contrast and visibility to be both safe and effective for daily use.

Damage Prevention

The colorants and carbon black dispersions used in our asphalt sealcoating and hotmix applications don’t merely beautify or darken the final product. They also help prevent surface damage due to the deteriorating effects of UV light exposure by improving the fade resistance of the material.

A Trusted Partner to Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Manufacturers

ChromaScape is proud to be a top-rated supplier of colorants and carbon black dispersions for asphalt paving, sealcoating and hotmix applications. Contact us today for an estimate.