LBX-106™: A better way to cook starch

ChromaScape has a better way to cook starch that can help increase throughput and control costs for manufacturers of corrugated products. LBX-106™ is our patented cooking agent that acts as a replacement for borax and caustic when cooking corn starch. Our special formulation has a faster cure time, negates the need for an enhancer, provides quicker tack adhesion coming off the line, and can achieve 100% cookout without gelling or clogging equipment. This innovative product eliminates handling and cleanup processes so manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings on both materials and labor. These savings are unmatched in the industry and are the main reason why manufacturers everywhere are switching to use our more efficient LBX-106 product.

Superior service and expertise

Our team of experienced chemical engineers can help guide product selection to maximize the performance of your corrugated products. Not only that, but we can provide guidance on equipment calibration and application methods to ensure you get the most value from our solutions. We are a true partner that will work with you to optimize your operation and provide the ongoing support you need to achieve your strategic goals.