Exceptional Dyes, Pigment Dispersions, Fixatives and Beyond!

Direct Dyes - Levacell®

Levacell direct dyes stand out as the preferred colorants for paper applications due to their exceptional performance, diverse color range and compatibility with various cellulose fibers like softwood, hardwood, bleached, unbleached, groundwood or TMP, as well as recycled fibers. These dyes are versatile, capable of application at different stages including the wet-end, size-press, waterbox and coating processes. ChromaScape Paper provides a comprehensive selection of Levacell dyes in concentrated liquid form, ensuring ease of handling. These liquid dyes seamlessly mix with water, allowing for both undiluted and diluted usage for batch addition or continuous coloring.

Basic Dyes - Astra®

Astra basic dyes, renowned for their cationic nature, are extensively utilized colorants for paper and board crafted with lignin-containing fibers, including unbleached or semi-bleached groundwood, thermomechanical and recycled liner pulps. These dyes are predominantly applied in the wet-end or size-press processes, limited in coating application due to their low pH and cationic characteristics. Highly valued by papermakers for their remarkable color strength and cost-effectiveness, ChromaScape offers a comprehensive range of Astra basic dyes in concentrated liquid form. These liquids can be used directly or diluted for batch addition and continuous coloring.

Pigment Dispersions - Ponolith®

Our aqueous pigment dispersions are homogeneous suspensions of finely crushed pigments utilizing non-ionic and/or anionic dispersants. Renowned for its superior quality, Ponolith pigment is a favored choice for enhancing wood-free bleached pulps and coatings. Its remarkable attributes include intense chroma, optimal brightness preservation and a significant contribution to whiteness. These pigments excel in diverse applications such as printing and writing papers, as well as mat or museum board facing papers, catering especially to the needs of laminate base papers that demand superior light fastness compared to dyes.
The selection of dispersants plays a crucial role in formulating pigment dispersions, tailored to specific end-use requirements. Our product encompasses organic, inorganic, synthetic and basic dyes, curated to serve a broad spectrum of applications including laminate base papers, parchment papers, museum boards, premium printing papers, tinting whites and various non-woven materials.

Our liquid dispersion is fully soluble in water across all proportions, ensuring ease of use. It can be directly applied or diluted for both batch addition and continuous coloring processes, offering versatility in application methods.

Fixative – Levogen® 

Our cationic fixative enhances the retention, bleed resistance, and effluent coloration of anionic dyes and pigments. It elevates the visual appeal of papers dyed with basic dyestuff, enhancing attributes such as intensity and uniformity. Our product offering, Levogen, contributes to improved bleed resistance and can serve as an auxiliary for managing the uniformity of dyed paper. Specifically formulated for tissue, toweling and fine paper grades, our fixative is ideal for a range of applications.

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Full-service capabilities

Colorant selection process and application

No matter what the requirement, we are pleased to evaluate your specific color application. Our technical staff will guide you through color selection process which includes shade matching and physical testing criteria. We can assist in any process application from batch or continuous coloring to automated size press color correction. Whether you are tinting whites or deep dyeing tissue, we have the experience and expertise to service and supply any colorant approach for paper.