Innotech® products bring low-maintenance color to decorative concrete coatings distributors, ready mix concrete plants and contractors.

As our customer, you will recognize the value of partnering with ChromaScape beginning with the consultation phase of your project, to determining which products to stock, through the speed at which your order is shipped, and finally, in the superior quality of the materials and tools we provide.


Integral Color Concrete

Our integral color concrete is engineered to provide enhanced color through exceptional pigment dispersion. The high-strength pigments yield an expansive palette of beautiful colors. Colorant is easy to use, packaged for clean handling and designed for fast batching. Coloring products are available in standard grade, standard grade granular (for precast projects) and premium grade. Carbon black in both liquid and powder form is also available for ready-mixed and precast concrete projects, ideal for flatwork and vertical integral color applications.

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Concrete Color Hardener and Release Agents

Innotech® dry shake color hardener is used for coloring, hardening and conditioning concrete. This product provides a concentrated coloring method that hardens and densifies flatwork concrete surfaces. Release powder is a dry mix of finely ground, streak-free powder with a blend of UV-resistant pigments and water-repelling agents. It allows for the clean release of texturing or imprinting tools from the concrete surface while at the same time providing antiquing or highlighting effects.

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Concrete Dyes and Stains

Innotech® concrete dyes and stains are non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC water-based penetrating staining products free of acid or acrylic. These products make it easy to revive colored surfaces or plain gray concrete by hiding discolorations without altering surface texture. Made especially for use with existing, unsealed, interior or exterior, concrete and other cementitious surfaces, these dyes and stains are ideal for use with overlays. Example applications include high traffic areas, patios, resorts, city buildings, pool decks and driveways.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay

Innotech® decorative concrete overlays are polymer modified, fiber-reinforced cementitious toppings formulated for resurfacing structurally sound, non-moving interior and exterior concrete surfaces. This product is for use with imprinting tools and can also be broom finished. Our overlays are generally applied at 1/4- to 5/8-inch thickness and used on commercial, residential, municipal, theme park or industrial landscape projects.

Concrete Sealers

Innotech® solvent-based concrete sealers are formulations for spray/roll-down applications and when applied will provide a breathable, non-yellowing protective finish to enhance exterior concrete, terrazzo, brick and masonry surfaces. Our concrete sealers provide medium to high gloss finishes and are an excellent choice for sealing and enhancing colored imprinted concrete, concrete treated with Innotech chemical stain or liquid dye concentrate, color hardened concrete, exterior surfaces that weather naturally or exposed aggregate. Our concrete sealers can also be tinted with Innotech tint concentrate providing many options in a variety of applications.

Polished Concrete Solutions

Innotech® Stain-Guard is a high-gloss protective micro-guard for polished concrete to achieve your specified appearance. Made from a unique blend of specially selected micro-polymer hybrids, Stain-Guard develops rapid hardness, scratch, scuff, water and stain resistance. Stain-Guard provides outstanding floor protection and appearance over extended periods of time, protects with an easy 1-2 coat application, cures rapidly to minimize downtime, and requires no waxing or maintenance.

Acrylic Concrete Sealer Cure and Seal

Innotech® SB CURE309 is a styrene-acrylic polymer, film-forming curing compound. It leaves a non-yellowing film that assists the cure of freshly-placed concrete and provides excellent sealing characteristics. Innotech® also provides a line of sealer products, including solvent-based sealers, water-based sealers, high-performance sealers and maintenance topcoat sealers.

Repair, Maintenance & Accessories

The extensive Innotech® product line is rounded out with several miscellaneous maintenance and repair solutions, including a concrete densifier; strip agents for interior floors and seals; cleaners, degreasers, neutralizers and additives, color patch repair products and MVT (moisture vapor transmission) reduction sealers to be used in conjunction with overlay products.