Versatile mulch coloring systems built to do it all.

Amerimulch is known primarily for mulch colorants and additives, but our expertise extends into the machinery you’ll need to apply color as well. Mulch coloring systems, color injection systems and volume measuring equipment and associated installation, training, maintenance and safety consulting are offered by ChromaScape to our landscape colorant customers. 


Easy to Use

Full-color touch screens on the volume measuring equipment and color injection systems so you can easily monitor and control every aspect of your coloring process. Systems available in multiple sizes to match your production needs. 

Low Maintenance

No paddles and liners to replace, and twin-drive assembly without chains or gears for minimal maintenance, parts replacement and repair. Less downtime on your machines means more material production, higher yields and higher profits.

Reduces Waste

Our newly designed colorant and water-spray delivery system dramatically reduces water and colorant use rates per yard. Patented Marksman™ technology calculates water and colorant application rates, reducing human error and improving accuracy. Low horse power per yard ensures minimal energy usage as well, for efficiency gains across the board.

High Volume

Increase production capacity with ChromaScape mulch coloring systems. The longer, wider drum in our mulch equipment can produce up to 350 cubic color-enriched yards per hour and the bulk-feed hopper holds up to 20 cubic yards at one time.