End-to-end decorative concrete solutions.

As a colorant company, ChromaScape’s expertise lies in adding color to the world. But our experience in concrete extends further: stamps, overlays, dyes, stains, textures, finishes and more. ChromaScape’s comprehensive decorative concrete product line offers professionals, designers and architects a complete range of solutions to make stylized, long-lasting concrete designs.  


Customer Satisfaction

Not only will you be satisfied with the wide range of decorative concrete products offered by ChromaScape, but we guarantee your customers will be thrilled with the result as well. Ultimately, decorative concrete is meant to be aesthetically pleasing, an eye-catching compliment to a dwelling or commercial building, and ChromaScape delivers exactly that. 

Protective + Decorative

Colorful concrete is not only pleasing to the eye. ChromaScape ensures pigments and additives improve the performance of concrete, too. Whether mixed in advance or added on top as a maintenance and improvement measure, ChromaScape’s integral colors, stains, dyes, hardeners and liquid dye concentrates are all engineered to meet a specific need without sacrificing style.

Quality Meets Value

The key to providing value is considering the lifetime cost of selecting a certain decorative concrete product. With ChromaScape, decorative concrete is an affordable endeavor with minimal long-term cost maintenance, ensuring affordable and long-lasting value for our customers. 


Whether the project calls for elegant luxury or subtle simplicity, ChromaScape’s Innotech line of decorative concrete products can be customized to meet the needs of the most discriminating designers.