Leading Producer of Color Dispersions and Additives

Worldwide, the ChromaScape™ family of brands provides industry-leading innovation, commitment to customer partnerships and market-driven solutions to coloring products.

Amerimulch®, the inventor of colored mulch, provides wood mulch, aggregate and rubber mulch colorants and equipment to the landscape market. Products associated with this brand include Heartland®, Amara® and Ricochet®.

Solution Dispersions®, a leader in aqueous carbon black dispersions, markets Aquablak® branded products that find their way into a many industries including graphic arts, indirect food additive applications, textiles, paints and coatings, building materials, and a variety of specialty applications.

Innotech® Decorative Concrete Products provides a full line of coloring products along with industry leading customer support. This brand is managed by a team long invested in the decorative concrete marketplace and is backed by the ChromaScape strength and knowledge of colorants and manufacturing.

ChromaPave® Asphalt sealcoat and hotmix colorants are innovative coloring products used coast-to-coast to beautify municipal, commercial and residential pavement. These colorants allow asphalt contractors, landscape architects and designers to work together in creating cohesive project colorscapes.

Whatever your opportunity or challenge, our capabilities in creating innovative, market-driven solutions can make it possible.