Because It Matters

Our planet's health is a primary concern to ChromaScape™. It is our mission to facilitate all associates’ awareness that safety is everyone’s responsibility both at and away from our facilities.  We strive to ensure that a safe and clean work place is maintained for all people who come to or work on our premises.  We are committed to protecting our customers and their employees with safe products and equipment, and we continue to abide by regulations and comply with environmental safety in our communities. 

“At ChromaScape™ we believe any decision that makes a process safer, makes a product better for the environment, reduces waste, or makes products healthier for the end-user is also a decision that saves a variety of resources and adds value.  At ChromaScape, innovation in environmental, health and safety management isn’t just corporate responsibility, it’s also good business.”

William Cosgriff, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager at ChromaScape.